San Francisco, California
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about San Francisco

San Francisco - one of America's most beautiful cities, is located on a peninsula, and therefore mainly surrounded by the sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its liberal community, hilly terrain, Victorian architecture, scenic beauty, and great ethnic and cultural diversity.

The city is regularly classed as one of the top tourist destinations in the USA and it's not only for its beauty and atmosphere but also because San Francisco offers top attractions such as: the Golden Gate Bridge – the city's most recognizable landmark; Alcatraz Island, once the most notorious prison in the USA; Pier 39 on Fisherman's Wharf - a lively bay area with numerous shops, arcades, seafood restaurants, cafés, fairground rides and its own colony of sea lions; Lombard Street - probably the world's most bendy city street; and of course the famous San Francisco cable cars, which provide cheap and easy access to the whole city and its many steep hills.

San Francisco also boasts with amazing parks. The largest park in the city is Golden Gate Park, which contains an arboretum, a glass flower conservatory, a Japanese tea garden, a rhododendron garden and a children's playground. The San Francisco Zoo, northern California's largest zoo, is a hit with children of all ages.

The city has a rich and varied cultural scene and great, unusual museums, including the American Carousel Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the San Francisco International Toy Museum, the Old Mint, the Telephone Museum, the San Francisco Fire Department Museum and others.

San Francisco offers a varied and eclectic shopping experience. Union Square is the major shopping district and home to most of the city's department stores. The city also hosts the largest Chinatown in America, famous for its cuisine and amazing festivals, such as that which celebrates the Chinese New Year. Today, the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco is diverse, open minded, exciting and most of all, enjoyable. Come and experience!