San Francisco, California
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transportation in San Francisco

There are many choices in getting around in San Francisco. You will find listed below the main sources of transportation for San Francisco, that allows you to get to the main tourist sites.

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

The BART is a good option for visiting the outlying areas and also for transferring to the San Francisco Airport.

San Francisco Cable Car

One of the symbols of San Francisco is, without question, the Cable Car, a kind of railway with a very special operation. You will enjoy getting to know its secrets.


Provides rail service between San Francisco and San Jose, with weekday commute-hour service to Gilroy. All-day parking is available at most Caltrain stations.

City Bus System (Muni)

This system, can be quite crowded and sometimes irregular, but it is cheap, with a free transfer, and travel to almost every part of the city and beyond. The Muni's streetcars, cable cars, buses and subways can help visitors avoid traffic and parking hassles and are an easy way to get to San Francisco's attractions.

Muni F-Line

Historic Streetcars, which run on street-level tracks, are a favorite of visitors and locals alike. It's a good way to get to Fisherman's Wharf, the Ferry Building and Union Square.


Although it is useful in a pinch, in San Francisco it shouldn't be necessary to depend on them in too many circumstances as other public transportation goes to almost all areas.

Ferry Travel

San Francisco ferries operate from the San Francisco waterfront to Marin County, the East Bay, and to Angel Island.